Short biography in English

Dr. med. vet. Gerhard Biberauer - Member of EVDS

Born: 18. august 1967 at LINZ in Upper Austria
Austrian citizen
married, daugther Aurelia Lucia (*2006)
Professional address:
Kleintier-Ordination Mittertreffling
Vet-Dental Service
Wagnerweg 2
Tel: +43/7235/50 550; FAX: -4
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Member of VÖK (union of Austrian small animal veterinarians, part of FECAVA)
Member of EVDS (European Veterinary Dental Society) since 1997
ÖGTZ (Austrian Society of Veterinary Dentistry) founding president 2014

1993: end of Veterinary Studies in Vienna (Magister medicinae veterinariae)
1993/1994: doctoral thesis at the ENVA (Ecole Nationale Vétérinaire d`Alfort) and University of Veterinary Medicine in Vienna (Doctor medicinae veterinariae)

Professional Veterinary Experience

1994/1995: veterinary assistant in Vorarlberg, Austria
1995-1997: veterinary assistant in a small animal practice in Linz, Upper Austria 1997: own veterinary practice for small animals: “Kleintier-Ordination Mittertreffling”, A-4209 Engerwitzdorf, Wagnerweg 2, special interest: veterinary dentistry, complementary medicine and audiometry; Vet-Dental-Service: referral clinic for veterinary dentistry

Formation in veterinary dentistry and experience in veterinary dentistry:

- Optional courses in veterinary dentistry at VMU-Vienna (Prof. Dr. K. Zetner, Dipl. EVDC)
- Basic and advanced postgradual-courses in veterinary dentistry of Dr. Zetner, Dipl. EVDC
- Participation at the EVD-Congresses in Ljubljana 1998 and Lyon 1999, Copenhagen 2000, Berlin 2001, Granada 2002, Pisa 2003, Krakow 2004, Ljubljana 2005
- 2000 ESAVS-Dentistry courses in Luxembourg 2 + 4 and 6 weeks training program with P. Hennet Dipl AVDC, EVDC in France, supported by upper Austrian government
- 2001 April: workshop on periodontics/exodontics for Austrian vets together with A. Reiter (Dipl. AVDC) with; Interactive Session - case presentation
- 2001 May/June: ESAVS-Dentistry courses in Luxembourg 3 + 1 with case presentation on endodontics in course 3
- 2001 June/July: 6 weeks training program with D. Crossley, Dipl. EVDC, FAVD in Manchester AMC, supported by upper Austrian government and LEONARDO-DA- VINCI-II Mobility-program of the European Community “EUROVETdental”
- 2001 October: P.Emily: Emergency Dentistry
- 2001 October 10th EVD-Congress Berlin: Case presentation: Mandibular Brachygnathism and base-narrow Mandibular Canine Teeth in a young dog: Treatment
- 2002 October: 11th EVD-Congress Granada: Poster : Endodontics in cats; Follow-up: "Mandibular Brachygnathism and Narrow Mandibular Canine Teeth."
- 2002 November Iams Tour Austria: Dental emergencies - 2003 8th WVDC Japan, Kyoto: Lecture about PDT and Biostimulation 12th EVD-Congress Pisa, Italy: Lecture about Air-polishing
- 2004 13th EVD-Congress Krakow, Poland: Lecture: Malocclusion in Dogs-measurements
- 2005 14th EVD-Congress Ljubljana, Slovenia: Malocclusion in Dogs- Results in breed
- 2007: march: Digital radiograpy lecture for Austrian vets
- 2007 16th EVD-Congress Den Haag, Netherlands: Lecture: Haematogenous Endodontic Lesion in Mandibular Carnassial Teeth: Treatment with Extraction, Endodontic Therapy and Hemisection
- 2008 17th EVD-Congress Uppsala, Sweden: Lecture: Dentigerous Cyst in a Cat
- 2009 18th EVD-Congress Zürich, Swizterland: Lecture: Complicated acquired palatal defect in a Cat
- 2009 PUBLICATION: Dentigerous cyst in a cat; Kleintierpraxis 54(6) (2009), 326-331.
- 2010 19th EVD-Congress Nice/France: Lecture: Mandibular Osteosarcoma in a Dog
Treatment with segmental and caudal Mandibulectomy combined with Chemotherapy - 2011 20th EVD-Congress Chaldiki/GR
- 2012 Lecture: Dental Radiography; FORL-TR
21st EVD-Congress Lisbon/P
- 2013 WVDC /ECVD 2013 Prague: lecture: Radiographical Type 2 TR (tooth resorption) in Cats treated with Crown Amputation – Review of 12 Clinical Cases with long term Dental Radiographic Follow-up
-2014 EVDS/EVDS Congress Cruise, Marseille
ÖGTZ: Founding member and 1st president of ÖGTZ (Österreichische Gesellschaft für Tierärztliche Zahnheilkunde)
ASVD (Austrian Society of Veterinary Dentistry)
-2015 24th EVD Congress, Ghent, Belgium
1. ÖGTZ Congress in Innsbruck/Alpenzoo - organisation team
-2016 25. EVD Congress Dublin, Irland;
2. ÖGTZ Congress Innsbruck/Alpenzoo - Villa Blanca - presentation - TR Zahnröntgen Auswertung von Fällen der Kleintier-Ordination Mittertreffling
3. ÖGTZ Congress Innsbruck/Alpenzoo - Villa Blanca - short communication: Endodontie via valsa
-2017 26. EVD Congress (EVDF) Malaga, Spain;
from 2017: University of Luxemburg and ESAVS: formation for
Certificate of Small Animal Veterinary Practice (CSAVP) Dentistry